The Reason Zayn Malik Shaved His Head Is Actually Pretty Common

Zayn Malik had a very good reason to shave his head, and it wasn’t because he just needed a new look.

The pop singer told BBC Radio 1 on Friday that he was forced to shave his head because his hair was so damaged. Malik, who rose to fame with boy band One Direction, had gone through several hair transformations over the years that left his locks a little lackluster.

“I just shaved my head because I’d bleached it too many times and it was a bit destroyed,” he told the station.

Malik got his fans’ approval when the look was revealed after his mom, Trisha, posted a photo of him completely bald on her Instagram.

“The bleach affects your hair, doesn’t it? So you’ve got to shave it off,” Malik told the radio station.

Yes, actually there are consequences to bleaching hair, especially if your natural hair is dark.

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Malik is pretty lucky that he can pull off the bald look, because that was definitely an easy way to start repairing his ruined locks. For the rest of us, hair specialist Robert Dorin told HuffPost in 2015 that the best way to start fixing bleached hair is to soak in moisture. There are plenty of heat protectants on the market to get better without going bald.