11/09/2017 3:41 PM AEST | Updated 11/09/2017 3:48 PM AEST

Balenciaga's New Shoes Look Like Your Dad's Old Runners

But they'll cost you about ten times as much.

Balenciaga / Getty
Compare the pair.

It would seem that the race to create the ugliest and overpriced shoe is far from over ahead of the launch of Balenciaga's Triple S trainers later this month.

While the new runners aren't as expensive as Gucci's $2,000 goat hair slippers, they'll still set you back over $980 -- but hey, they're worth it given that you're almost guaranteed to look like you're fresh from the 90s while you strut down the street in them (if that's your thing).

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Described as "multimaterial oversize trainers with complex sole", the shoes have been deliberately designed to look worn-in and will come in four different colours -- but not everyone is a fan of them.

If you can't fork out $980 for the shoes, you can still achieve the same look at a fraction of the price with these bargain buys on eBay.

ebay / dee.where
These will only set you back $140.
ebay / olutobi240
Or you could grab these for $75 (plus postage).
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