12/09/2017 7:12 AM AEST | Updated 12/09/2017 8:59 AM AEST

BBC Newsreader Frantically Darts Back-And-Forth Around Set In Hilarious Live Blunder

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We love a TV blooper as much as the next person, but there's something extra special about them when they are made by very serious newsreaders.

The latest one has come courtesy of presenter Tom Donkin, during a late night stint on the BBC's World News.

He was seen frantically running about the set not knowing where to stand or what camera to look at as the 2am broadcast began.

Ten seconds of very awkward silence followed, after which Tom introduced himself without making reference to the gaffe.

This is the latest in a long line of hilarious bloopers on BBC News, as just last month, a picture of a nude woman was seen on one of the screens behind Sophie Raworth during the News At 10.

According to BBC sources the unfortunate incident went down "like a lead balloon" with bosses, who were said to be "investigating".

'True Blood' actress Anna Paquin later revealed it was her on the monitor, tweeting excitedly: "MY BREASTS!! SO FUNNY ON SO MANY LEVELS"

Responding to the investigation, she added: "What's there to look into my tits photobombed the news because someone was watching ['True Blood'] in view of camera."