11/09/2017 10:07 PM AEST

8 Insane Moments Journalists Risked Their Lives To Report On Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has brought devastation to Florida, with streets flooded, homes and businesses out of power, and trees uprooted by high winds which peaked at 130mph.

At least three people are reported dead.

But as residents in the south of the state are preparing to evacuate their homes, many journalists are heading right to the centre of the storm in order to capture the chaos for the world to see.

Marcus Yam via Getty Images
Journalists battle winds and rain to report from the scene

Journalists have come under fire for their coverage of recent hurricanes, not least from President Donald Trump who praised the Coast Guard for “going into winds that the media would not go into...unless it’s a really good story” when Hurricane Harvey hit.

Viewers of the TV reports have also been critical of the networks and have voiced their concerns about the safety of reporters, including CNN’s Kyung Lah who was almost hit by a falling street sign as she clung onto a railing to report from Miami Beach.

Similarly, when NBC News correspondent Miguel Almaguer physically attached himself to a building in order to stay on the ground while he reported through powerful winds in Florida City, people were angry that he’d been put there in the first place.

But it’s likely that most of the reporters will share Lah’s view that it’s a risk, but an essential one: “We take a calculated risk because we want people to know ... what is coming your way.”

Here are 8 times journalists went to extraordinary lengths to bring us the latest hurricane news:

1. This staggering reporter and video crew in Miami

2. This journo in Cuba battling with his clothing

3. This reporter struggling to see in Naples

4. This reporter trying to stay standing against the rain in Fort Myers

5. This journalist in Miami who didn’t manage it

6. This journo who is lucky to have kept his cap

7. This NBC reporter desperately trying to hold his position

8. This local reporter going up against the wind in Barbuda