12/09/2017 10:02 AM AEST | Updated 12/09/2017 10:02 AM AEST

Manly Pool Shark 'Fluffy' To Be Released Back Into The Ocean

The creature is said to be doing well after Monday's events.

Will Burgess / Reuters
The shark is set to be released on Tuesday.

An injured baby great white shark found beached in Sydney is set to be released back into the ocean.

The shark was spotted thrashing around on a Manly beach on Monday when onlookers alerted lifeguards and the marine rescue. The shark appeared to have a few small injuries, and was therefore, placed in the nearby Fairy Bower Pool, so it could rest and recover.

Onlookers were absolutely stunned by the creature, taking full advantage of seeing a great white up close.

The shark spent the night at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary and has been nicknamed 'Fluffy' following Monday's events.

The sanctuary's senior aquarist, Robbie McCracken, said Fluffy was in good health.

"He has had a chance to rest and recoup and hopefully we will be able to he release him a bit later today," he told the Nine Network.

It's still a mystery as to why the animal wanted to beach itself.

"These great white sharks usually are animals that would tend to be offshore a bit, out in the deeper more unrestricted waters," McCracken told Nine.

"This one for whatever reason found its way up into the beaches of Manly and then into the surf zone where it came into a bit of grief. That is where we were able to step in and sort of intervene."

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