13/09/2017 1:20 PM AEST | Updated 13/09/2017 1:20 PM AEST

One Of The Bachelorettes May Have Just Dropped A Massive Spoiler

And by 'may' we mean did. Definitely did.

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The finale of 'The Bachelor' is just around the corner with Matty J whittling down his final three to the lucky last lady this Thursday.

This season has been overrun with rumours, from Matty knowing one of the contestants before the show to the winner being supposedly leaked weeks ago, and now it looks like one of the final three has put her foot firmly in her mouth and given us one more spoiler before the finale.

Speaking to hit93.5 Dubbo's Pippa & Jimi, Tara Pavlovic wanted to clear the air about the new rumours she had apparently been flirting and trying to shack up with one of the show's "hot waiters".

As Pippa and Jimi grilled the bachelorette she tried to make it clear there was noting between her this mystery waiter, Derek.

"I didn't give him my number in the house," Pavlovic explained, "I ran into him the weekend I got eliminated in Newtown".

The hosts let the comment slide momentarily before asking Pavlovic if she was still on the show, and which position she came in the show.

"Um, I won," she said sheepishly, potentially realising her earlier mistake and laughing off the joke, but it may have been too late.

Despite the many, many (MANY) clues pointing to jewelry designer Laura Byrne being the one to "turn down" Matty's proposal this Thursday, there was a huge support for Tara from the beginning due to her lively personality and electric connection with Matty.

Unfortunately it sounds like Tara's may be stuck with Derek for a while, that is until the #TaraForBachelorette2018 campaign officially kicks off, and believe us, it probably will.