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Kevin Rudd's Godson Allegedly Assaulted In Homophobic Attack

'So many warnings to Turnbull about what the postal vote could unleash'.

CANBERRA -- The godson of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has allegedly been assaulted in a homophobic attack in Brisbane, after standing up to a man yelling offensive slurs.

Rudd tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that his godson, Sean, had "been punched while standing up for marriage equality". He shared a photo of a young man with a wound on his forehead and blood running down his face.

As of time of writing, Rudd had not posted any further follow-up information on the incident, but a Brisbane-based marriage equality group shared more alleged details of Sean's injuries. The alleged assault occurred in the suburb of Bulimba on Tuesday morning.

"The perpetrator was yelling: 'You know what I hate? Faggots! I hate fucking faggots!' He then looked straight at the young man (who was waiting for his bus) and said: 'I hate fucking faggots!'," the Bulimba 4 Marriage Equality group posted on Facebook.

"So the young man said: 'That's ok, I don't like you.' Perp: 'did you just call me a homophobe?' Young man: 'yup.' He then walked over to where the young man was sitting and from his standing position of 6'2, he punched the young man from below, striking his head, throwing his head back, and then walked off."

Queensland Police confirmed to HuffPost Australia they had received a report of 19-year-old man allegedly being assaulted in Bulimba around 9am on Tuesday. A police spokesman said investigations were still ongoing, and that no arrests had been made.

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