14/09/2017 10:18 AM AEST | Updated 14/09/2017 10:18 AM AEST

Paddle Pop Is Re-Releasing Your Favourite Flavour 'Bionic Bubble Gum'

The ultimate throwback for 90s and noughties kids.


In good news to all 90s and early noughties kids: Paddle Pop is throwing it back to 2002 (which was FIFTEEN years ago, by the way) and re-releasing your favourite flavour, Bionic Bubble Gum.

Yes, the ice cream with delicious blue and white swirls of bubblegum flavour is ready for the taking -- and to remind you of hot afternoons after school, where you and your mates would ask your parents for a dollar, ride to the shops and inhale a Paddle Pop, hopefully before sticky melted ice cream would run down your arm.

The re-release of Bionic Bubble Gum comes after the success of re-releasing Caramel Choc Dip Paddle Pops earlier this year, and we're pretty damned chuffed with these childhood throwbacks.

Now on sale Australia-wide, Bionic Bubble Gum is available at supermarkets, including Woolworths and Coles, as well as most convenience stores.