14/09/2017 9:21 PM AEST | Updated 14/09/2017 9:31 PM AEST

Absolutely No One Is Shocked With The Winner Of 'The Bachelor'

Every rose has its spoilers.

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Well, we finally made it, the big finale of Matty J's journey for love and many, many days of shirtlessness, but not before probably the least exciting finale of 'Bachelor' history.

Yep, as we may have mentioned for the last few weeks, Sydney-based jewellery designer Laura Byrne was the final bachelorette Matty Johnson had chosen.

Fans of the show were shocked to see frontrunner Tara Pavlovic sent packing on Wednesday night's episode, however in a radio interview just hours before it aired, Pavlovic accidentally referred to being eliminated from the show.

That still didn't stop fans from having a meltdown when she was ultimately booted from the final three, leaving Byrne and Elise Stacy battling it out for the top spot.

Meeting Johnson's family, Byrne stumbled through casual questions making his brothers and mother initially concerned, but things were quickly smoothed over and it was clear the two had a strong connection.

Plus we all knew this was coming, with rumours circulating for WEEKS that Byrne was the winner of the show.

There was the initial rumour that the pair had known each other prior to the show, with one rumour going so far as to say there was a "secret pact" between the two to make sure Byrne made it to the finals.

Johnson responded to the rumours to 'OK!' magazine, saying "We crossed paths. [Byrne] said something to my friend at the sauna at Icebergs".

A shocking confirmation if ever we heard one. No but really, that rumour haunted the show for the entire season, and with some outlets claiming Byrne was the winner weeks ago after a lengthy stakeout of both her and Johnson's Sydney houses, it seemed like there was no way she couldn't win.

This season was rife with spoilers, to the point of absurdity, but that didn't take away from the romance in the final moments of the two.

"I've replayed this moment in my mind so many times," Johnson said before letting Byrne know he loved her.

"I was so ready for you to break my heart, I wasn't expecting..." she said before a romantic pash. Matty then slid a ring onto her finger... but on her right hand.

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Matty and Laura are now finally able to admit they're the couple the entire nation already assumed they were.

"I wanted to give you this ring as a sign of just how much I care about you," Johnson said.

"All I wanted was to fall in love and to fall in love with someone who is so amazing and to have them love me back, nothing compares."

Byrne told the Bachelor, "I came here a little bit sceptical and I've left with an open heart and completely in love."

We couldn't be happier for Laura and Matty but now it's time to switch gears and get ready for Sophie Monk's turn at 'The Bachelorette' next week. Who needs a social life!