15/09/2017 6:27 AM AEST | Updated 15/09/2017 6:27 AM AEST

Netflix Has A Genius New Hack To Take The Stress Out Of Kids’ Birthdays

Netflix can be a real lifesaver for parents, and the streaming platform knows it! In addition to providing an array of awesome family-friendly content, the company introduced a new feature on Thursday to help make the lives of moms and dads less stressful when it comes to kids' birthdays.

Parents, say hello to "Birthdays On-Demand" — 15 two-minute videos featuring your kids' favourite characters wishing them a happy birthday!

According to a recent survey by Netflix, 82 per cent of parents worldwide just want to make their child feel special on their big day, but 54 per cent say money is the biggest stressor when it comes to planning the perfect party.


As a result, Netflix created "Birthdays On-Demand" as a simple solution to add to a child's birthday fun.

"Kids can't get enough of their favourite characters," said Andy Yeatman, Netflix's Director of Global Kids Content. "With Netflix Birthdays On-Demand, we want to give kids a way to feel even closer to Barbie, Pinkie Pie and Spyro. Blur the line between fiction and reality, while also giving mom and dad an easier way to make the celebration feel really special."

The two-minute birthday greetings include beloved characters from "Barbie":




"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic":


And, of course, the classic "All Hail King Julien."


Other featured shows include "Lego Ninjago," "Beat Bugs," "Dinotrux," "Luna Petunia" and "Trollhunters," among others. In order to find these videos, all parents have to do is search "birthday" on Netflix and choose their child's favourite character.

Pretty simple, right? Now if only Netflix could provide the birthday cake too...


The streaming platform has always been family-friendly. For the past two years, for instance, Netflix created 10 different New Year's countdowns with kids' favourite characters. Not only did this allow parents to trick their children into ringing in the New Year early, but it also helped kids get to bed on time without feeling like they missed out on the holiday fun.

Netflix is also full of easy hacks every parent should know. Besides the birthday and New Year's trick, here are five others that will make your life a whole lot easier.

1. Getting peace of mind from kids' profiles

Of course you knew kids profiles on Netflix were a thing, but did you know that kids profiles are white versus the standard black for adults? This was purposely done to make it easier for parents to make sure their kids are watching age-appropriate content on their own profile.

Donald Iain Smith

2. Monitor screen time like a pro

Disable the autoplay function on your child's profile so they can't sneak in extra episodes of their favourite TV show before bed. This might sound like common sense, but some may not even realize this is actually an option. By disabling autoplay, the kids will have to ask for permission to watch another episode, giving you full control of their screen time and what they watch.

3. Make family movie night even better

If your family has a weekly movie night, consider creating a special profile just for the occasion. Not only will this help keep track of what you've already watched together, but it will also help recommend films to your family based on the thumbs up rating you give to movies.

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4. Prevent kids' content from taking over

If you have young kids, they've probably accidentally watched an episode or two of "Care Bears" or "Paw Patrol" on your profile, rather than their own. While this is harmless enough, it can be annoying when your profile is taken over by kids' show recommendations. This problem can easily be solved by giving your kid's show a thumbs down.

5. Watch Netflix on the go

It can be a struggle to keep kids entertained on long trips, which is why you can now download movies or TV shows from Netflix onto your phone or tablet. The kids will be happy to watch their favourite show, and you'll be happy to get some peace and quiet.

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