14/09/2017 4:25 PM AEST | Updated 14/09/2017 8:42 PM AEST

Shane Watson Had The Perfect Response To Israel Folau's Same-Sex Marriage Tweet

Now THAT was a big bash.

Take that!

Shane Watson just whacked it out of the park in his response to a much talked-about tweet from rugby star Israel Folau.

Folau, the former rugby league topliner and AFL player who is now a Wallabies star, was once a mormon but is now a devout Christian. The 28-year-old created quite the stir on Wednesday when he tweeted his opposition to same sex marriage.

Literally thousands of people responded to his tweet. Among the many who had an opposing view was Folau's Wallabies teammate David Pocock -- who is well known for his vow not to marry his partner Emma until same sex marriage is legal in Australia.

It will be interesting times ahead in the Wallabies camp, not least because the Australian Rugby Union has led the way among Australian sporting bodies in its pro-gay stance. Indeed Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne all have gay rugby teams in their respective suburban competitions.

But perhaps the most poignant response to Folau's tweet came from former international cricketer Shane Watson, who has delivered some brutal hits over the years.

But we think he might have saved his finest knock for Folau.

The reason the tweet was so clever was it linked to a piece about Folau's love for his fiancee, Kiwi netball player Maria Tutaia. In the story, Folau revealed he almost quit rugby to continue his long-distance relationship.

The general response to that is that LGBTQ people have had to make a lot bigger sacrifices than that, and for a lot longer.

Meanwhile, as a special bonus, here's our second favourite response to Folau's tweet. Ouch.

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