Mum Proudly Compared Pre- And Post-Pregnancy Photos After Someone Assumed She Was Still Pregnant

A mum shared two photos comparing what her body looked like before she gave birth and three weeks after she welcomed her son, after someone wrongly assumed she was still pregnant.

Anupa King, from Canada, said she built up the courage to post the photos, as she wanted to share with her followers how proud she was of herself.

The image on the left was taken hours before her son, Levi, was born and the second was taken three weeks after she gave birth.

“One of the main reasons I share this [is because] as most of you know, this is a marathon/dancer’s body and while that can mean I’ll bounce back in no time,” she wrote on Wednesday 13 September. “It clearly doesn’t.”

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King, who is a long distance runner, said she knows it will take a while before she will get back into her stride, but she’s patient to wait until she feels ready.

The mum was encouraged to share the photos after a baker in the supermarket asked whether she was having a boy or girl, despite the fact she had already given birth.

“That would have really hit some soft spots/nerves with me,” she wrote. “I mean I’m not pregnant anymore but I sure do look it.

“Instead I smiled and nicely said I had a boy. After I left the supermarket I realised I absolutely love my body and am so super proud of it hence the reason I chose to share this post image with you.

“And however long it takes for my body to journey back to where it was once was then that’s fine... I know it’ll find its way. Until then I’ll continue to be kind knowing that it’s doing exactly what it needs to be doing right now for me and for Levi.”

King was praised for sharing the photos, with one person writing: “Beautiful. That’s your little one’s home. It takes a long time to get where you are mentally, physically and spiritually.

“Focus on one of those at a time. But mainly focus on the beautiful life you’ve made.”