17/09/2017 4:38 AM AEST

'Girls' Producers Lena Dunham And Jenni Konner Have A New Show In The Works

Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images
Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham at the Lenny 2nd Anniversary Party on Friday.

HBO’s “Girls” may have come to an end, with its sixth and final season wrapping up in April, but the creative partnership of Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner lives on.

According to People, the “Girls” executive producers have a new TV show in the works. Speaking to reporters on Friday, the duo confirmed that they have another project in the pipeline. “We’re back in business,” Dunham said. 

No details about the project have been made public as of yet, though Dunham hinted, “you’ll definitely see some more awkward situations and people showing their darker selves.” In short, it sounds like a return to form for the brains behind the famously messy, neurotic characters of “Girls.”

“We’re feeling lucky and busy,” Dunham told People.

There’s no sign of when this unnamed TV show might be coming to viewers, but in the meantime, Dunham and Konner have plenty of joint projects on the way. They co-founded the popular feminist newsletter Lenny Letter, which celebrated its second anniversary on Friday; the newsletter spawned an imprint at Random House that published its first book, Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang, this summer. In 2016, Konner and Dunham revealed that Lenny Letter would be launching an HBO documentary series.

Konner and Dunham also produced a short film, the “Lost in Translation”-esque “Tokyo Project,” which will air on HBO this fall. The short was directed by Richard Shepard, who previously worked with Konner and Dunham on “Girls,” and stars actress Elisabeth Moss.

Even amid the run of “Girls,” the showrunners were busy with other projects. In 2015, it was reported that Dunham was at work on a new comedy pilot for HBO. “Max,” which was reportedly set in the 1960s publishing scene, was set to star Zoe Kazan. Though “Max” has yet to see the light of day, it seems likely that the project she and Konner referenced on Friday is a new one.

In April 2016, Dunham told The Hollywood Reporter that the “Max” pilot had been filmed. “It was really fun to shoot something else with a really strong female lead and just continue to explore our voice and to support other writers that we really like,” she said.

While Dunham didn’t offer the Reporter any more details about the project, she said that it had reaffirmed her interest in working behind the camera. “I hope there’s more just directing or just writing in my future because it’s really refreshing for me.” With another TV show coming, it seems like she’ll be getting to do just that.