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12 Sanity-Restoring Tweets In Response To That 'Vote No' Skywriting

Twitter hit back at the sky-writing with a few words of its own.

A perfect Sydney morning was abruptly ruined on Sunday when 'No' campaigners took their anti-same sex marriage message to the skies.

The words "vote no" were scrawled by a skywriter across an otherwise blemish-free blue sky above the inner suburbs around mid-morning, a day after the Coalition for Marriage launched its campaign.

And people weren't happy.

Twitter-users hit back at the intrusive tactics of the 'No' campaign (and at having their brunches interrupted) with hilarity and wit. In the interest of self-care, we've collated our favourites:


apparently skywriting costs $15000 which I assume is the amount of money U save annually by asking to see the manager every place you shop

— Christian (@nopoweradeinusa) September 17, 2017


Skywriting is kinda the perfect metaphor for the No campaign. First it annoys everyone for a minute, then it just disappears into the ether

— Josh Butler (@JoshButler) September 17, 2017


Yes campaign get skywriting for free.

— Dan Anstey (@Dan_Anstey) September 17, 2017


sorry folks, I've paid someone to write 'VOTE NOW' in the sky and he's run out of fuel at the worst possible time.

— Colley (@JamColley) September 17, 2017


These people cant even draw a swastika properly

— Pauline Pantsdown (@PPantsdown) September 17, 2017


What better metaphor for the anti-SSM crowd? Skywritten "vote no" dissolves in minutes, as though it never was. Nothing left but sunshine.

— Michael Salter (@mike_salter) September 17, 2017


just sayin the last time some asshole bullied a bunch of queers via skywriting it didn't end great for her

— mat whitehead (@matwhi) September 17, 2017


Early example of anti-gay "Vote No" campaigning from 1939.

— Luke Miller (@dodgyville) September 17, 2017


I swear to god the only reason I keep facebook is for the simpsons meme pages

— di frances (@di_f_w) September 17, 2017


i'm the fucking dumbass insane hypothetical person who switched to a no vote because a fuckwit in a plane wrote it above my house

— thomas violence (@thomas_violence) September 17, 2017


A picture of the pilot who did the skywriting has emerged...

— Richard Tuffin (@RichardTuffin) September 17, 2017


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