18/09/2017 1:54 PM AEST | Updated 18/09/2017 1:57 PM AEST

Meet Treasure The Dog And Her Eight Adopted Piglets

She loved them from day one.

It's an unconventional family to say the least.

Treasure, a boxer dog living on Queensland's Gold Coast, has caused a stir recently after taking on the role of mum to eight piglets.

Wes Trevor, Treasure's owner, told the Today show that his rescue pooch "loved them from day one".

"When we got the piglets about two weeks ago, they were all covered in mud and we were cleaning and washing them," he said.

"One of the things we did was we rubbed oil into their bodies after we washed them and Treasure got in and licked the oil off and that's when the whole thing kicked off," he said.

Trevor -- who owns Spectrum Plants Gold Coast -- told The Gold Coast Bulletin that Treasure started producing milk as soon as the piglets started suckling.

And if you find yourself thinking 'Ew, gross -- a piglet drinking milk from a dog, that's just wrong', just remember that humans drink milk from cows.

"She's a stray so we don't know what her history was before she came to us but there was a little bit of something there and when they started to suck that's when the milk production started to happen," Trevor said.

"She loves it but there's eight of them so they can be a bit boisterous ... but she loves them dearly."

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