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Ellen Fights For Marriage Equality With Beautiful Tribute To Her Wife


Ellen DeGeneres has spoken out in support of marriage equality in Australia in a very romantic way.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics began sending out ballots for the legalization of same-sex marriage last week.

The ballots, which are non-binding, cannot change the current law, which does not recognize same-sex marriage. But based on the results, they could lead to a vote to change the law in Parliament.

On Sunday, DeGeneres went on Twitter and urged her 73.5 million followers to "vote yes" for marriage equality with a photo of her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, who is Australian.

"I appreciate my wife every day," the comedian wrote in the post. "I can't imagine calling her anything else."

DeGeneres and de Rossi live in Los Angeles, but the talk show host has been engaged with the marriage equality movement in Australia. She has retweetednumerousposts in support of it, and on Tuesday, DeGeneres shared this:

Australians have until Nov. 7 to mail back their ballots and results will be published on the ABS site on Nov. 15.

Our fingers are crossed!

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