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Meat Free Week: 6 Super Tasty, Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes

Even meateaters will love them.

Thanks to the rising popularity of going vegetarian and vegan, and to plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, going meat-free is easier than ever.

While many of us are already doing Meatless Mondays, this week from September 18-25 is Meat Free Week, an initiative supported by Bowel Cancer Australia, which helps people get thinking and talking about meat consumption and production.

Aside from trying something new, reducing or cutting out animal products means you're helping the environment and your health, and not supporting animal cruelty.

To kick off the week, here are six easy vegetarian recipes.

1. Roasted vegetable lasagna with burrata

For a truly hearty dinner, try this rich roasted vegetable lasagna with four (yes, four) types of cheese. Note: make sure the cheeses you're using are rennet-free (rennet is derived from a calf's stomach), or make this recipe vegan by using vegan cheese.

2. Barbecue pulled jackfruit 'pork' sandwiches

Vegetarian pulled pork? You betcha. This creation is all thanks to flavoursome spices and jackfruit, a fruit with a meaty texture when cooked. Pair your barbecue pulled 'pork' with crunchy avocado slaw and a burger bun, and you're set.

3. Easy vegetable pasta

Pasta doesn't need meat to be tasty -- in fact, some of the most delicious recipes use just a few simple vegetarian ingredients. Try this easy vegetarian pasta, which is packed with healthy, flavourful veggies and herbs.

4. Vegan nachos with queso

These nachos have everything you want: salty, crunchy tortilla chips, fresh guacamole, black beans, salsa and a generous serving of cheese -- made vegan.

5. Cheese enchiladas

These delicious enchiladas are full of ooey, gooey, ridiculously melty cheese, with a rich spiced enchilada sauce drizzled on top. Again, make sure your cheeses are rennet-free or use vegan cheese.

6. Ultimate Mediterranean bowl

For a lighter, spring recipe, try this Mediterranean-inspired bowl with hummus, olives, parsley-tomato salad, classic vegan falafel and sauces.

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