Watch: Legendary Crab Jumps Out Of Cooker And Turns It Off To Save His Mates

A literal life saver.

A crab in China has committed the ultimate life-saving favour for his mates.

Facing the daunting prospect of becoming a hungry human's dinner, all the crabs were put in a hot wok where they would slowly cook to death. One of the crabs however, was having none of it.

In a daring act, the hero crab acrobatically jumped out of the pan and leaped straight for the wok's on-switch.

After a little fumble and a twist, he succeeded in turning the pan off, saving his mates from the ultimate sticky destiny of chilli sauce or chowder broth.

No word on what happened to the crab clan after the wok was switched off, but at the very least, they got to revel in a few seconds of sweet rebellion.