19/09/2017 8:47 PM AEST | Updated 19/09/2017 10:09 PM AEST

The Matildas Beating Brazil 3-2 Equalled Their Longest-Ever Winning Streak

Brazil were on top early, but Sam Kerr has saved the day once again.

Ashley Feder via Getty Images
Gee, she's good.

They've done it.

The Australian Matildas battled to a 3-2 victory over Brazil in the second leg of an International friendly match against at Macdonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle on Tuesday night.

The win for the Aussies marked their third-straight defeat of Brazil in recent months -- which is something they've never done before -- after dominating them 6-1 at the Tournament of Nations in the United States and then again 2-1 in Penrith in Sydney's west on Saturday.

The effort also equals their longest-ever win streak of five straight matches against other International teams -- but taking into account Tuesday night's win and also an earlier draw against Denmark in March, the Matildas are actually now on an eight match undefeated run of form.

But it didn't start as well as you would imagine for Australia's national women's team -- after just one minute of gameplay in Newcastle, the South American opposition made its intentions for the match very clear.

A perfectly picked cross from Brazil's Marta Vieira da Silva, who is often described as the best player right now in women's football, landed at the feet of Fabiana and was then sent rocketing into Australia's goal. 1-0.

From there the game was every bit as physical as the first contest over the weekend, with some hard knocks between players and free kicks being awarded for fouls all over the park.

Australia did manage to create its own opportunities in front of Brazil's goal, with super striker Sam Kerr always a reason to cause opposing defenders some stress.

But still, the Brazilians looked the greater side in much of the opening 45 minutes -- they were playing wider, more controlled and calculated football. It was creative and threatening, and that is exactly how you win matches.

But then, in one brief moment, the tide changed for the rest of the match -- and who else to bring the scores level once again but Kerr herself.

Standing almost on line of the 18-yard box during the 36th minute, the 24-year-old received a well-taken free kick from midfielder Emily Van Egmond straight onto her head, which was enough to send the ball lightly gliding straight into the goal. 1-1.

The match so far had been a lot tougher for the Aussies than Saturday's friendly series opener, but the result remained very much up in the air with 45 minutes still to be played.

And just like the Brazilians at the beginning of the first half, the Matildas started the second period of play just as strongly. After just two minutes, substitute winger Caitlin Foord managed to net the Australians another goal to take the lead.

And while it was well-and-truly a team effort that lead to that goal, it was Kerr once again who took control when she needed to in making a cracker pass and creating the opportunity.

It was messy and jumbled and there were players from both sides everywhere, but Australia was winning.

Check out the effort below.

From there, the Brazilians looked a little rattled by how strongly the Australians had taken to the restart in play and the Matildas looked to capitalise again, and again, and again.

Strike after strike, much of the next 15 minutes in the match featured Aussie players having a crack at Brazil's goal or at least getting close enough to cause a little worry. Kerr even managed to net another goal for herself, but it was called back as offside and disallowed.

And it wasn't long until she made it count -- after 66 minutes and some some rapid-fire-fast play, Kerr smacked Australia's third goal to the jubilation of the packed crowd of more than 16,000 supporters.

And just like when she scored against Japan in August, she took off to celebrate in the best way she knows how -- with her trademark backflip.

Some late tension between the two sides saw things get even more physical within the last 10 minutes of the match. Emotions were high, the tackles were hard and the yellow cards were flying out of the hands of the referee before Marta was eventually awarded a penalty.

And when you give the best player in any sport the chance to do what they're best at, the result is pretty much always clear -- straight off of her preferred left foot, she converted the penalty into a goal to bring the score to 3-2.

But that was all there was for the match.

As the time ticked down to zero, the Matildas had sealed the victory. But more importantly -- judging by the looks on the faces of many of the fans around the stadium after the final whistle -- they'd also won Australia's love for them, as this country's current favourite national football team.

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