19/09/2017 2:17 PM AEST | Updated 19/09/2017 2:20 PM AEST

Businesswoman Madlin Sims Fires Contractor For Saying 'It's OK To Vote No' In Marriage Survey

'Voting no is homophobic. Advertising your homophobia is hate speech.'

Madlin Sims believes voting 'no' is a form of homophobia.

Entertainment company owner Madlin Sims fired a contractor on Sunday after they expressed their view that it's OK to vote 'no' in the current same-sex marriage survey.

"It's not okay to vote no. It's not okay to be homophobic. This isn't a matter of opinion or even religion," Sims wrote on Facebook.

Sims said she didn't want anyone who publicly represented her business posting 'hate speech' online. She also maintained that "this wasn't a 'you're voting no, you're fired' situation" and that other discussions held prior to the sacking lead to her final decision.

Following her post, Sims claimed in a second post, put on Facebook on Tuesday, that she has received online abuse, including threats to her two-year-old son.

In Tuesday's more lengthy post, she clarifyied her views and decision making process.

"Let me be loud and clear," the second post begins.

"This contractor being let go (which by the way I am completely within my legal rights to do because there was no agreement whatsoever between us. She provided a service, sent an invoice and we paid it) was not because I oppose her views on marriage equality.

"She was let go because her actions showed she is extremely out & proud about her views on homosexuals and as someone who, as I said before, has an responsibility to the vulnerable people we work with, could not risk her voicing those opinions to any children of ours," Sims writes.

"We have gay staff members. We entertain at parties where the children of gay parents attend. We entertain at parties where gay children attend.

"This. Woman. Was. A. Risk."

In response to Tuesday's post, many people commented in support of Sim's decision.

One woman commented, "YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for your courage and taking a stand for equality - and humankind."

Another said, "I don't know what this woman's business is but we need to find out and spend money there. What a legend."

Some however, didn't agree with Sims' stance.

"Everybody has a right to believe what they want and have an opinion on what they what [want] and no one has the right to tell them what they are doing is wrong."