20/09/2017 5:49 AM AEST | Updated 20/09/2017 11:42 PM AEST

Could Emilia Clarke's New Hair Be A Sign Of Her Game Of Thrones Fate?

Reading too far into her new 'do is worrying.

After seven seasons, Emilia Clarke has finally gone full Mother of Dragons.

Up until now, Clarke, a brunette, has donned a wig to play the part of Khaleesi, but those days are apparently gone.

In honor of Season 8, Clarke posted a photo to her Instagram page after she went platinum, Khaleesi blonde, writing: “AAAAHHHHHHH SHHHHIIIII****** I done did it. Mother of dragons meet Emilia. Emilia meet mother of dragons. If you squint just so you might never know.”

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Woo-hoo! You can’t not be hyped. We’re ready to bend the knee right now, Khaleesi. Just say the word!

But, if you read way too far into this (like we’re about to), it could mean trouble is coming ...

We already know hair is hugely significant on “Game of Thrones,” on and off set. 

Sophie Turner once told Refinery 29 that Sansa’s hair is based on the “people she’s learning from, or mimicking, or inspired by.” An actor’s off-set look can hold clues, too, as exemplified by the stink it caused when people started to guess Jon Snow would come back alive because Kit Harington didn’t cut his hair after his Season 5 “death scene.”

In Season 7 of “Game of Thrones,” fans seemed to noticed something significant about Daenerys’ hair, as well. After Khaleesi defeated the Lannister army, the long braids she displayed appeared to recall those of her former boo Khal Drogo. We learn in Season 1 that khals wear long braids as a sign of their victories in battle and only cut their hair to show defeat.

Now, hair’s the problem.

Clarke’s real-life hair is far shorter than Daenerys’ hair on the show. Sure, she could still be planning on wearing a wig or extensions, but, if not, the shorter hair could be a sign of a coming defeat for Khaleesi. 

Perhaps she’ll suffer another loss to the Night King.

Of course, that’s just speculation. Clarke really could’ve just dyed her hair because she’s so hyped for Season 8.

We already know (spoiler alert) she’s lost Viserion. If our guesses are correct, hopefully the blonde wig will be the only other loss she’ll suffer.

What is dead may never dye.