20/09/2017 4:00 PM AEST | Updated 20/09/2017 4:00 PM AEST

'Miss Fisher's Murders' Fans Smash Crowdfunding Goals For Movie

The Kickstarter raised over $400,000 in just three days.


Put your sassy magnifying glass away because there's no mystery here, fans are absolutely humming for a 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' movie.

Last Friday the producers of the series Every Cloud Productions set up a Kickstarter campaign that intended to fill a funding gap in the production budget as well as assure investors that fans were keen for the film. They got that and more.

The proposed film, 'Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears', reached its initial goal of $250,000 in under two days, so they increased the target to $300,000, then to $400,000 and now, after only five days the target sits at $500,000.

With over 4,500 backers and 24 days left in the campaign, the project is already sitting at over $450,000.

"We launched at 12 on Friday, and within two days we had already achieved our initial funding goal," Drew Grove of Every Cloud Productions told HuffPost Australia.

"We had a huge support from across the globe, from Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Canada, the U.K, and 50 percent of the pledges came from the U.S."

'Miss Fisher' began in 2012, starring Essie Davis as Phryne Fisher, a plucky private detective from Melbourne in the 1920s. With a fabulous '20s aesthetic, Davis' wit and charm in the lead and tons of incredible costumes, the series gained a hugely loyal fanbase over its three seasons.

"What struck us was not only the immediate response," Grove said, "but the outpouring of support and personal messages we received from our fanbase about why 'Miss Fisher' means so much to them."

"We had a lot of pledges backing the campaign for their mother or in memories of family members who were fans. It's been really quite a special experience.

While the series aired locally on ABC, it was also picked up internationally and through the magic of digital distribution, overseas fans were able to binge on the series when it landed on Netflix in their countries, especially in the U.S. where the series saw an even bigger popularity boost.

While this current campaign is for the 'Crypt of Tears', the producers have big plans that might include a trilogy of 'Miss Fisher's Murder' movies.

"We would love a trilogy," Grove said, "we very much see Miss Fisher being that 'Indiana Jones' type character and we certainly have other places in mind for Phryne to go to."

As the Kickstarter campaign continues, the hope is to get the ball rolling and begin production in the first half of next year.