20/09/2017 9:26 PM AEST | Updated 20/09/2017 11:31 PM AEST

Harrowing Videos Show The Moment An Earthquake Struck Mexico

People in neighborhoods across central Mexico watched as homes, businesses, and schools fell apart before their eyes during Tuesday’s catastrophic earthquake.

In video posted to YouTube by the Mexican newspaper Milenio, pedestrians are seen milling outside of a building on a street corner. The structure then begins to sway back and forth until, seconds later, it collapses to the ground.

“Get out! Get out!” people in the video can be heard yelling. One woman can also be heard crying, yelling “oh my God” in Spanish repeatedly before the street was engulfed in dust and smoke.

It was a scene similar to ones that played out across the city and the central part of the country on Tuesday as the 7.1 magnitude earthquake toppled buildings and killed hundreds.

In another video shared by the newspaper Reforma, a building on the Mexico City campus of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education― where four people were killed― crumbles like paper. 

Another video posted by Milenio shows an unidentified Mexico City building plummeting to the ground.

Mexico City alone suffered from about 44 collapsed buildings, authorities said, including an elementary school where at least 20 children and two adults were killed. Residents across the city posted similar videos showing structures shaking and swaying.

The tragedy comes only two weeks after the strongest quake in more than eight decades struck southern Mexico, killing at least 98 people.