22/09/2017 8:01 PM AEST

Hillary Clinton Details Everything She Ate On The 2016 Campaign Trail

Brian Snyder / Reuters
Hillary and Bill Clinton eat breakfast at Chez Vachon restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 8, 2016.

A day in the food life of Hillary Clinton includes eggs, chicken and LOTS of hot sauce. 

The former presidential candidate details all areas of her life in her new book, What Happened. And as Health points out, one of the most enlightening chapters includes a rundown of everything she ate on the campaign trail last year.

Clinton didn’t eat so well during her 2008 presidential campaign, she wrote. So in 2016, she aimed to turn things around.

“In 2008, we often relied on junk food to see us through; I remember a lot of pizza with sliced jalapeños delivered right to the plane,” she wrote. “This time I was determined that we would all be healthier.”

Behold, a day in the life of Healthy Hillz.

BREAKFAST: Eggs, veggies, coffee, tea and water...

On the road, Clinton usually ordered “scrambled egg whites with lots of veggies” from room service, accompanied by “black coffee and strong black tea” and “a huge glass of water,” she wrote.

Mike Blake / Reuters
Clinton sips coffee during a campaign stop at a small restaurant in Vallejo, California on June 5, 2016. 

...with lots of hot sauce.

Clinton has a well-documented affinity for spicy stuff: It’s said she munches on raw jalapeños, and she’s been a hot sauce fan since 1992, when she first read of its immunity-boosting properties. On the road, Clinton added fresh jalapeños to her eggs if they were available. If they weren’t, salsa and hot sauce sufficed.

And the infatuation extended beyond breakfast.

“Several of us put hot sauce on everything,” Clinton wrote of her staff. “One favorite is called Ninja Squirrel SrirachaJulie the videographer came back from vacation in Belize with four little bottles of the best hot sauce any of us have ever had: Marie Sharp’s. We immediately loved the red habanero pepper flavor the most.”

Mike Blake / Reuters
Clinton smiles amid hot sauce bottles while making a campaign stop at a restaurant in Perris, California on June 2, 2016.

LUNCH AND DINNER: Salad, chicken and soup

Clinton wrote that while jetting between stops, her team enjoyed delicious in-flight meals thanks to a flight attendant named Elizabeth Rivalsi.

“She’s a trained nutritionist and made fresh, delicious food for us in her kitchen in Queens, which she then packed into containers and brought on the plane: salmon salad, chicken tenders made with almond flour, poblano pepper soup. Her surprise smash hit was brownies made out of chickpea flour.”

SNACKS: Bars, canned salmon and Goldfish crackers

Before hitting the trail, Clinton “asked friends for good on-the-go snack recommendations,” she wrote.

This resulted in bulk orders of Quest barsKind bars and canned salmon (an atypical choice, indeed, but a healthy one) for the plane. 

“When the Quest bars got cold, they were too hard to eat, so we sat on them for a few minutes to warm them up, with as much dignity as one can muster at such a moment,” Clinton wrote.

Rivalsi also “had a big basket full of snacks that she regularly replenished with different items... I have a weakness for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers,” Clinton added.

Rivalsi introduced the team to Flavor Blasted Goldfish, but Clinton still prefers the original kind.

DRINKS: Martinis, lemonade and lattes

Beyond her morning coffee and tea, it appears Clinton’s drinks varied. She wrote about the time she ordered an “ice-cold” martini with olives and Tito’s Vodka in Iowa ― a “great drink” ― and when she drank “about a gallon of lemonade” at the Iowa State Fair. She also likes honey and lavender lattes from a bakery in Des Moines, she wrote.

Carlos Barria / Reuters
Clinton brings birthday cake to members of the media inside her campaign plane en route to New York on October 26, 2016.

DESSERT: Cake and ice cream

A few special desserts peppered the trail, Clinton wrote. On her birthday in Miami, the team surprised her with a chocolate cake with turquoise frosting, which they saved to eat on the plane later.

It’s long been known that Clinton loves ice cream bars too, and apparently she can get them on demand.

“One hot night in Omaha, Nebraska, I was consumed with the desire for an ice cream bar ― the simple kind, just vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell,” she wrote. ”[Trip director] Connolly [Keigher] called an advance staffer, who kindly picked some up from the drugstore and met us at the plane on our way out of town.”

Oh, to be Hillz.

Quotes are from "What Happened" by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Copyright © 2017 by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Reprinted by permission of Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved.