24/09/2017 4:26 PM AEST | Updated 24/09/2017 4:29 PM AEST

'Crazy' Train-Surfing Incident Caught On Video In Perth

The stunt was captured on smartphone.

Facebook/Lace Stone
A man has clung to the back of a Perth train.

Alarming vision has emerged of a man clinging to the back of a fast-moving train in Perth.

The risky example of so-called "train surfing" occurred about about 4pm on Saturday and was captured on smartphone by motorists driving along the Mitchell Freeway, Channel Seven reports.

In the disturbing footage, the man can be seen hanging on to the back windscreen of what is reportedly a northbound train.

Channel Seven reports that the daredevil boarded the train, which can travel at speeds over 100 kilometres per hour, at Leederville.

The Public Transport Authority (PTA), which oversees Perth trains, knew the man was clinging to the outside of the moving but did not ask the driver to stop, according to the ABC.

A spokesman for the PTA said it was the first time the agency had learnt about an instance of train-surfing while it was happening.

On the Facebook page that hosts the vision, people have described the action as idiotic, stupid, crazy and epic.