Ikea Couch Hack Will Take Your Love Of Millennial Pink To New Heights

Millennial pink is very in, which is why the trendy colour in fashion has quickly taken over the food industry and now home décor. But while finding the perfect millennial pink couch for your home can be difficult (and expensive), one woman has come up with the perfect Ikea hack to transform a simple white sofa on the cheap.

Krys Melo, who runs the blog Melodrama, revealed on her site in 2016 that she bought an Ikea Karlstad sofa on clearance for US$250, compared to its original cost of US$399. Since the couch came with a removable slipcover, Melo simply decided to dye it her preferred colour: millennial pink.

Ikea Karlstad sofa
Ikea Karlstad sofa

The only problem was that the couch Melo bought came with a grey cover instead of white. "Luckily my best friend in Florida found one at her store and was able to send it to me," the Los Angeles-based blogger told HouseBeautiful.com.

After a lot of trial and error from blending different shades of Rit Dye, Melo finally got the results she was looking for.

Behold! The finished product:

Of course, Melo didn't just leave things there. To give her couch a more unique, vintage look, she added gold-and-white accented legs and buttons. And the best part is that the additions only cost her an extra US$50.

Explaining why she decided to create her own millennial pink couch, Melo told Apartment Therapy: "I'd been dreaming of a vintage, pink couch for the longest time, but couldn't find one and all of the new ones weren't my style or in my budget."

"I love everything about the after," she gushed. "I love the colour, the tufting, the gold and white legs. It's my dream couch!"

Melo's readers are just as impressed with her DIY hack. "This. Is. Amazing," one reader wrote. "I didn't know it before, but I need a pink couch in my life!"

"This is so good," another said. "Your ability to transform a space is awesome. And to think that's a IKEA sofa. I'm doing a slow clap for this Hack."

People have been coveting millennial pink couches for quite some time, which is why Melo's Ikea hack is so genius.

Millennial pink has exploded in popularity in recent years. According to Slate, it likely picked up steam around 2014 thanks to things like Wes Anderson's "Grand Budapest Hotel," which is often associated with the colour.

The shade of pink is certainly an update from the dusty rose we saw in the '90s, and it's certain to become a classic as The Guardian already describes it as "timeless, yet very now."

Considering all the articles there are on how to style a millennial pink couch, it's safe to say the colour trend will only continue to peak.

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