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Life Unfiltered: Instagrammer Jadé Tuncdoruk Gets Real With Followers

"I look at my own photos and ask myself why I don't look like that. How absurd."

"I know how hard it can be to have this pressure of body images these days."
Jadé Tuncdoruk
"I know how hard it can be to have this pressure of body images these days."

No matter how many times we're told not to, it can be hard to stop comparing our lives with the ones we see on social media.

With our phones seemingly never leaving our hands, we're constantly scrolling, following, double-tapping and measuring our happiness by the amount of "likes" we receive.

Now more than ever, with body image issues being identified as one of young people's top concerns, we need to see "people being more real".

Social media editor, stylist and blogger Jadé Tuncdoruk told HuffPost Australia that she wants to spread the word to her 190,000 Instagram followers that the perfect world they see depicted on her account 'jadetunchy' is a far cry from reality.

Now that I have your attention with generic activewear fitspo pic, I'd like to tell you some truths about myself. I think creating @therealjadetunchy has forced me to come face to face with the reality that has become my life. The world of Instagram where everything's perfect and even I look at my own photos and ask myself why I don't look like that. How absurd. I write a lot of this kinda stuff on my other account but wanted to share this here tonight because I think it should be posted to my larger audience occasionally anyway. Who is Jade Tuncdoruk (yes, tunchy isn't my actual last name). Well.. I'm confident, sensitive, hilarious, modest, kind, vulnerable almost every minute of the day, warm, thoughtful, a bit selfish, insecure, loud, attention seeking, wild and extremely loving. Like too much.. I also cry a lot. More than you'd think. I've been in denial about that being who I am but I think it's just how I release my emotions which I have a lot of. I hold a lot of my past against myself. I'm trying to push through that and love myself more but I definitely still have a lot of self blame. Sometimes I have road rage, sometimes I take my issues out on others, sometimes I'm an open book and sometimes I'm a closed one. Sometimes I miss my ex when I know that I "shouldn't". The point of all this is that I'm not perfect. I post photos that make my life seem so but it's really anything but that. I don't even look like this photo right now. Ive gained weight since I took it. I have "issues" and "problems". I get social anxiety sometimes. I've cried alone in public many times. Not because I want to but because I just can't hold my emotions in. I get embarrassed, I have shit days. I have days where I don't want to leave the house cause my favourite jeans don't fit me anymore. I just want you guys to know that although most of what you see here is technically my life, there's a lot you don't see that is also my life. And a big part of it too. Don't get caught up in all of the glitz and glam you see here. Everyone has their own story, most people just don't want to share it.

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It's what inspired her to create her secondary "real me" account, aptly named 'therealjadetunchy' which she says shows what her life looks like "without a filter and without me trying to be cute."

"[It's got] unedited photos, funny videos, I'll do a lot of captions and open up and talk about my life," she said.

"I just wanted to specifically target younger women to help them feel better about themselves. I know how hard it can be to have this pressure of body images these days.

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"I'm so much happier doing what I'm doing now and, you know, I used to get anxious going to the beach -- my body weight fluctuates quite a bit [so I was] worrying what my followers would think when they see me in person. Now I'm showing what I look like and what I really am -- this is just me."

Earlier this year, the Royal Society for Public Health in the United Kingdom released a report which placed Instagram as the worst social media app for young people's mental health.

"Instagram easily makes girls and women feel as if their bodies aren't good enough as people add filters and edit their pictures in order for them to look 'perfect'," one participant from Northern Ireland said in the study.

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While Tuncdoruk said it's been refreshing to see "people being more real" on Instagram, she highlighted that some may be reluctant to show a different side to their followers due to concerns it may affect potential business opportunities.

"I mean it's a bit tricky because I know, myself included, a lot of the people who do what we do, do it full time so it's their job," she said.

"If they did a separate account a lot of people can't necessarily incorporate that into their profiles because it does tarnish potential job opportunities which sucks."

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