More Than 500 Border Collies Attempt Cutest Ever World Record Attempt

So. Many. Very. Good. Dogs.

The news that more than 500 adorable border collie doggos were congregating in the one place, where you unfortunately didn't happen to also be, may come as a cruel blow to many (ourselves included).

But if you can briefly suspend the crushing feeling that you missed out on the greatest dog patting orgy ever (obviously, without the whole sex part) then you'll surely love the fact that the Border Collie Owners Of South Australia (BCOSA) got all their very good dogs together (some wearing bandannas) for a Guinness World Record attempt.

Held on Sunday at Willaston Oval north of Adelaide near Gawler, the sea of black and white (with the welcome splash throughout of brown and caramel) is really something to behold.

According to the organisers of what's got to be the cutest ever attempt at a world record, the final count of gorgeous floofs came in at 576 -- smashing the previous border collie record from 2013 of 513, which was held at the same park by celebrity vet Dr. Katrina Warren. Thanks to the event, BCOSA was also able to raise $6,000 for charity.

Unfortunately, despite it clearly breaking an "unofficial" record, because the Guinness Book of World Records doesn't recognise breed-specific attempts, the BCOSA's amazing feat didn't earn a spot in the book that's been settling drunken bets since 1955.

So while the border collie extravaganza didn't break an official World Record, with photos like these, it seems likely it broke a few hundred hearts.

BC heaven. Almost 600 border's... we broke the world record!

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Absolute scenes #bordercollie #bordercollielovers #worldrecordattempt #BCOSA

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If you managed to get through that without squealing in a tone so high-pitched only those doggos would have heard it, then your stronger than us (that, or just completely dead inside).