28/09/2017 2:51 PM AEST | Updated 28/09/2017 2:52 PM AEST

Everything You Need To Know About The Tom Cruise Fake Ass Conspiracy

Let's get to the bottom of this.

Getty Images / 20th Century Fox

It looks like Tom Cruise is the butt of a very odd joke, or a cheeky conspiracy theory depending on how seriously you take the following. We're about to have a crack at giving you all the info you need about the "Tom Cruise fake ass" saga.

In August, Twitter user @iluvbutts247 sent out something that would rock the cinematic and butt world for good.

The butt in question comes from Cruise's World War II film 'Valkyrie' where he played Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a key conspirator in an assassination plot against Hitler. Based on what @iluvbutts247 had pointed out, it looked like Cruise had really put the "ass ass" in "assassin".

As the tweet began to pick up traction many people had theories as to what was going on behind-the-scenes with Cruise's behind. Few speculated that it was in fact a "stunt butt", one that would have been padded for safety during repeated stunts.

Curiously the butt in question appears between stunts, rearing up as Crusie's character picks himself up off the ground rather than during an actual fall or tumble. The moment has been thankfully captured in a YouTube clip called "Tom Cruise's Juicy Ass (From 'Valkyrie)".

'Page Six' reported that 'Valkyrie' producer Christopher McQuarrie posted a now-deleted tweet that said, "At 12k retweets and climbing, why would I ever add clarity to this thread?".

In an interview with 'Screen Rant' Cruise himself recently spoke up, denying any funny business.

"I have no idea," Cruise said, "there was no prosthetic in Valkyrie. No".

Later he followed it up with another denial, "It's me. It's not CGI, it's me. I do my own mooning in films. So let it be known -- I do my own mooning".

Still, that wasn't enough to convince @iluvbutts247, who was contacted by 'The Daily Dot' and asked about Cruise's admission that it was indeed his junk in the trunk.

"I think if Tom Cruise wants to sit on prosthetics and call himself thicc, he has the right to give it a try, but there's no requirement that I enjoy sitting here listening to people lie.

"This ordeal has part of my attention -- it has the minimum amount. The rest of my attention is back at the offices of ILuvButts247, where my colleagues and I are doing butt things that no one in Hollywood, including and especially Tom Cruise's flat ass, are physically or thickly capable of doing."

So there you have it. You're all caught up. Hope you didn't think we gave you a bum steer.