28/09/2017 7:17 PM AEST | Updated 28/09/2017 11:37 PM AEST

The U.S. Is Embarrassed By Trump And Wants Him To Stop Tweeting, Poll Finds

The numbers keep getting worse for President Donald Trump.

The Quinnipiac University national poll showed that 51 percent of Americans were embarrassed by Trump, and 69 percent want him to stop tweeting. Just 26 percent of respondents want him to continue the habit.

The poll also found that:

  • 67 percent said he was not level-headed
  • 60 percent thought he was not a good leader
  • 61 percent believed he didn't share their values
  • 59 percent said he wasn't honest
  • 56 percent thought he didn't care about average Americans
  • 56 percent believed he was not fit to serve as president

Overall, Trump's approval rating was at 36 percent, with 57 percent of respondents disapproving of his job performance.

Getting into specific issues, Trump had a 62 percent disapproval rating on race relations, 60 percent on health care, 59 percent on immigration and the environment and 57 percent on foreign policy.

However, 48 percent of respondents approved of how Trump was handling the economy, 55 percent said he was intelligent and 61 percent believed he was a strong person.

As bad as Trump's numbers were, Americans were even less happy about Congress. According to the poll, 78 percent disapproved of the job Republicans were doing compared with 15 percent who approved. Congressional Democrats were also badly underwater, with 63 percent of respondents disapproving of their job performance and 29 percent approving.

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