Twitter Roasts Trump Hotels Over This Photo Of Steak

“This looks like table scraps.”

Twitter didn't react kindly to last year's news that President Donald Trumpprefers his steak well-done with a side of ketchup. Now, Twitter is in a tizzy again, this time over a photo of steak from Trump Hotels.

On Monday, the Trump Hotels Twitter account tweeted a photo credited to the account rayspicksnyc (though the photo isn't on the user's Instagram account).

The tweet says, "Our prime hanger steak served with romesco, roasted cauliflower and mustard jus is absolutely mouthwatering."

Though the steak isn't Trump's trademark well-done style, it's a little closer to medium-well. But users still weren't pleased with the "mouthwatering" dish:

But Twitter is still waiting for one person to weigh in on the picture ― famed chef and internet critic Gordon Ramsay:

Given Trump's penchant for Twitter, he might chime in as well.