30/09/2017 11:34 AM AEST | Updated 30/09/2017 11:34 AM AEST

Daylight Saving: Most Of Australia Set To Lose Sleep Tonight

Clocks are getting wound forward.

Geber86 via Getty Images
Don't forget to set your clocks one hour forward.

Millions of Aussies will get an hour less sleep tonight as daylight saving kicks in across many parts of the country.

Sunday, October 1, at 2am is the moment those in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, NSW and the ACT will have to switch over to daylight saving, shifting their clocks forward one hour.

Sunrise and sunset will be about one hour later on Sunday than the day before, meaning there will be more light in the evening.

Western Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory residents don't need to worry because daylight saving isn't observed in these parts of Australia.

For the rest of us, daylight saving means an additional hour of sunlight at night during the summer months, with the aim to make better use of the extra sunshine.

Clocks will be wound back in April when daylight saving ends.

The Sleep Health Foundation has a few tips to make sure the adjustment to daylight saving is smooth for the millions getting less sleep.

"Set your alarm to wake up 30 minutes earlier than you normally would on the weekend, especially Sunday morning," it says on its website.

"Make the bedroom as bright as possible when you first wake up in the morning, eat a good breakfast (and) go outside in the sunlight in the early mornings."

The Sleep Health Foundation also advises exercising outside in the mornings, trying to get between seven and nine hours sleep each night, and not drinking caffeine before bed.

"Don't go to bed hungry or too soon after eating a large meal," it also advises.