Former Marine Learns Tough Life Lesson About Cursing In Front Of His Kid

This veteran of the Marines is learning the hard way not to curse around his child.

James LaPorta’s toddler, Joel, repeatedly drops the F-bomb in a hilarious video that the 30-year-old shared to Twitter on Wednesday. And all the former service member can do is stare in an increasingly bewildered way at the camera:

“As a former U.S. Marine, now a father, there is perhaps one word I should try to cut out of my vernacular around my soon to be 2-year-old,” wrote the south Florida-based LaPorta, who is now a freelance journalist.

“He probably learned it from me,” LaPorta admitted to HuffPost on Friday, although he did reveal he’d been “trying really hard to curb my language around him.”

The amusing footage has since gone viral, with many commenters sympathizing with Laporta’s predicament. Others have even suggested other non-curse words for him to use in front of his child.