29/09/2017 2:09 PM AEST | Updated 29/09/2017 2:10 PM AEST

We May Have Narrowly Avoided 'Sex And The City 3' Thanks To Kim Cattrall

Typical Samantha.


If Samantha wasn't already the best of the 'Sex and the City' gang, it looks like we've found another reason to love her.

According to the 'Daily Mail' it looks like Kim Cattrall may have unintentionally derailed plans for a third 'SATC' movie. At first you might be disappointed that we may not be getting a film where Carrie makes a joke about memes or Charlotte feels guilty for voting for Trump (you know it's true), but that's just because you've probably blocked out the experience of 'Sex and the City 2'.

The 'Mail' reports:

Warner Bros had given the much-anticipated project the green light after months of speculation and the movie was supposed to start filming in the coming days.

However, the studio can no longer move ahead as Cattrall, 61, demanded they produce other movies she had in development or she wouldn't sign up for the project.

Apparently the studio had no plans to go along with the project as they refused to play ball with Cattrall's alleged demands, and we couldn't help but wonder... was this a blessing in disguise?

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in 'Sex and the City 2' in which Samantha gets trapped inside a gigantic hat.

While the 'Mail' were unable to get comments from Cattrall or her reps, however they did supply a ton of anonymous quotes like:

"Who does she think she is - George Clooney?"

"The script is fantastic. The fans would've loved the movie but Warner Bros couldn't give in to her ridiculous demands."

"Everyone is very sad that the fans will now miss out on what was a wonderful story about the lives of four of their favorite women."

Sarah Jessica Parker also confirmed that the project was "over" however didn't comment on the rumours that Cattrall was to blame/thank.

"It's over... we're not doing it," Parker told 'Extra' "I'm disappointed. We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story".

"It's not just disappointing that we don't get to tell the story and have that experience, but more so for that audience that has been so vocal in wanting another movie."

Ehhhhh, the jury's still out on the last bit, after the second feature was panned by critics and many audiences. The sequel was nominated for seven Razzie Awards, and of those nominations won the awards for Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel, Worst Sceen Couple/Worst Screen Ensemble and the Worst Actress award which was shared between the four leading ladies.

While the series remained a landmark for television drama and a show revolving around female friendship, the films seemed to undo the great work turning the beloved characters into obtuse caricatures.

Still, despite the terrible reviews, both 'Sex and the City' films were hugely successful at the box office, the first earning more than $400 million worldwide and the sequel earning just shy of $300 million worldwide.