30/09/2017 4:09 PM AEST | Updated 30/09/2017 4:10 PM AEST

Macklemore Pledges Aussie Earnings From 'Same Love' To 'Yes' Campaign

Love is patient, love is kind.

Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Macklemore is performing at the NRL Grand Final on Sunday.

Macklemore has announced that he will donate the Australian proceeds of his single 'Same Love' to the 'Yes' campaign in the upcoming same sex marriage postal survey.

"That is what music has the power to do," the American rapper told 9NEWS on Saturday ahead of his half-time performance in the NRL Grand Final.

"It's not to divide people but to create an environment where people can start a debate, can have a conversation, bring a message to the forefront.

"I haven't figured it out yet, but I was saying in the car ride over that I want to donate my portion of the proceeds of 'Same Love', that I get off that record here in Australia, to voting 'Yes'. I need to figure out what that looks like and how to do that. But that is something that I want to do."

'Same Love', which was released in 2012, shot to the top of the charts this week after former Prime Minister Tony Abbott criticised the move to sing the song at the NRL Grand Final, saying "footy fans shouldn't be subjected to a politicised grand final".

In response, Macklemore said that he would "go harder" during his performance.