03/10/2017 2:06 PM AEDT | Updated 03/10/2017 2:07 PM AEDT

Here's Everything You Need To Know About 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Drama, drama, drama, a chance for love and, oh yeah, drama.

Network Ten
There are two types of reactions to hearing about the newest addition to the 'Bachelor' franchise.

By now you probably heard the huge, important television news: Network Ten announced they're making an Aussie version of 'Bachelor in Paradise'.

"Amazing," you most definitely would have said because this is very important news, "but what the hell is 'Bachelor in Paradise'?" you probably added.

Here's what we know so far, and what we can expect.

What happens on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

We're all very well acquainted with the structure of 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette', roses are handed out, slowly whittling down a group until only one remains in the search for true love.

So what happens in 'Paradise'? Well, all your favourites return, think of it like a Bachelor all-stars. Past contestants arrive in some luxury location in their attempt to find love, but with a twist.

The American version is usually set in Mexico and while Network Ten haven't confirmed where the Aussie version will be, it'll have to be somewhere paradise-like so we're guessing something like Bali, Thailand, Bali or possibly Bali.

Look we know 90 percent of this show is mainly people talking about the ocean so it's gotta be SOMEWHERE beachy.

If it follows the same format as The States, 'Paradise' begins with a group of about six men and eight women. At the first rose ceremony each of the men hand out a rose to one women they'd like to explore a connection with and the two women remaining are sent packing.

The next episode sees two new men arriving, throwing the numbers out again, and with each episode alternating between two new women then two new men arriving and unpaired individuals being sent home. It also means as newbies arrive, old flames may reunite... and so will old enemies. Iconic fights might be revisited and knowing some of our favourite villains, things could get firey.

Which Bachelors and Bachelorettes will be going to 'Paradise'?

So far no cast has been confirmed, and it's likely that it'll all be kept under wraps for as long as possible but that hasn't stopped a LOT of speculation. Here's what we DO know: our favourite love-rat isn't having a bar of it.

Posting to his Facebook, season two's bachelor Blake Garvey wrote, "No way, no how, no chance am I going on Bachelors in Paradise. That is all". Shame, you'd think a show where Blake could pick someone then immediately pick someone else the next week would be totally his vibe. Too soon?

Another Bachelor whose name was thrown into the ring a few times, Richie Strahan, might have also made the call not to appear, with a subtle comment on an Instagram post by 'NW Magazine' saying, "I'm 100% not doing this". Subtle, very difficult to read.

Is he just throwing us off the scent? Richie jumps in to deny his involvement with 'Bachelor in Paradise'.

Other rumours have swirled around several of the show's past big names like villains Keira Maguire and Jennifer Hawke, and favourites like Nikki Gogan, Elora Muger and Tara Pavlovic who previously said she wasn't interested in leading 'The Bachelorette' but hey... that leaves the door right open for 'Paradise'.

On the boy's side names like Sam Frost's ex Sasha Mielczarek as well as Jake Ellis and Michael Turnbull have popped up several times. Plus we've got a huge crew of dudes currently battling it out for Sophie Monk's heart, most of who will be free in the next few weeks.

Still, due to the rotating roster of 'Paradise' it means the cast may be enormous with surprises popping up at every turn.

What about Osher? WHAT ABOUT OSHER?

Now this is something we CAN confirm because would it truly be paradise without his glorious hair? When announcing the show, Channel 10 also made sure to confirm Osher would be reinstated as host with the most.

When will 'Bachelor in Paradise' be on TV?

As Channel 10 only just announced the series, it's still in early days of production, they probably haven't even bought the thousands of tealight candles they'll need for the new series.

According to 'Now to Love', the series will air in 2018, which is... vague, but Ten's Cheif Content Officer Beverly McGarvey told them 'Paradise' is, "the perfect complement to, and extension of those shows" which, reading between the lines, sounds like it's not replacing either 'Bachelor' or 'Bachelorette. It just means more time you'll be spending on your couch.