Would You Have Spotted This Sneaky Serpent In His Secret Hiding Spot?

One lady missed him four times.

In her dash from the car to the door with heavy bags of groceries, one Queensland resident didn't notice that she had extra company as she unloaded her shopping.

Perched on a light fitting near the doorway of a home in Ashgrove, a carpet python went unnoticed for quite some time.

Licensed snake catcher Lana Field told Yahoo7 that the woman made between four and five trips in and out of the house before she noticed her scaly intruder.

Would you have seen it?

Australia's warmer than normal winter weather in cities like Sydney, have seen a lot more snakes out and about in residential areas. According to the ABC, snakes in residential areas have increased 25 percent in 2017 and now that spring has hit, they will be out looking for mates.

The red-belly black snake and the eastern brown snake are most common in Sydney and tiger snakes and diamond pythons can been seen in cooler climates around Sydney like Wollongong.

If you find a snake, the best thing to do is avoid it, don't make any sudden movements and call a professional snake catcher.