04/10/2017 1:21 PM AEDT | Updated 04/10/2017 1:21 PM AEDT

Inquisitive Koala Rescued After Climbing A Large Drill In Adelaide

Maybe she got sick of sitting in trees?

7 News

Blinky Bill's adventures pale in comparison to this koala's lofty ambitions.

Perched stubbornly 30 metres in the air on top of a large drill in an Adelaide building site, the koala sat contently while people from the Fauna Rescue Centre and the South Australian Fire Service worked to coax her back to solid ground.

Before dawn on Tuesday morning, firefighters struggled with the unusual trespasser, who was reluctant to give up her position.

Two men had to work at a precarious height to unhinge each of the koala's stubborn paws from the drill and eventually, they managed to scoop her up in a big bag and deliver her to safety.

Once safe and sound, this curious little creature spent the night at the Fauna Rescue Centre, where the accommodation is comfortable and the food is great, according to the centre's Anne Bigham.

It really does sound like the perfect place to recover from a big day of climbing.

The koala is set to be released back into the wild on Wednesday.