04/10/2017 6:44 AM AEDT | Updated 04/10/2017 6:44 AM AEDT

NPR Accidentally Posts About Cute Baby Instead Of News, And People Love It

The scoop on an editor’s baby named Ramona — and her love for cats — was exactly what the world needed.

Aynur_sib via Getty Images
Not Ramona or any of the three cats that she saw (most likely).

An unintentional Facebook post about a baby is making the internet coo.

Christopher Dean Hopkins, an editor at NPR, made a whoopsie on Monday night when he posted an adorable status about his baby daughter, Ramona, on the outlet’s Facebook page instead of on his personal account.

The status, which has since been deleted, popped up in the Facebook feeds of NPR’s followers looking like this:

Oh boy.

A few minutes later, Hopkins realized his mistake and replaced the sweet status with this:


“We don’t generally delete posts, so I tried to do it in a way that would be transparent,” Hopkins told NPR. “My job is to promote our good work, and I catastrophically failed in that last night.”

But on a tragic news day — which included updates about the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, the dire situation in Puerto Rico and Tom Petty’s fleeting health (R.I.P., Tom) — the precious post about a baby girl’s love for cats was just what the internet needed that day.

In fact, people were upset when Hopkins deleted status about Ramona.

And soon after, hashtags like #ramonaupdates, #bringbackramona and #ramonaforever began to trend. People couldn’t get enough of the Ramona story’s perfect purity.

Hopkins has since revealed that Ramona does indeed have a feline friend of her own, but more updates on this cute little tyke are certainly welcomed.

Viva Ramona!