04/10/2017 9:19 PM AEDT | Updated 04/10/2017 9:19 PM AEDT

Sophie Monk Stopped The Rose Ceremony Before Sending Four Guys Home

The intruders finally arrived, and they're old!

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This week the intruders were about to shake things up, but before that Sophie picked Apollo for some old-school magic (get it? He's a magician).

Sophie and Apollo got all dressed up in their 1950's best and started to talk about all things retro.

"Are you into social media? I'm really into social media," Sophie said.

Sophie decided she was going to ask Apollo questions and then the pair would recreate the answers and take a photo of the recreation with an old-school camera. Ehh, we don't know either. What we did find out was that Apollo has HUGE FEET, and you know what THAT means! He'd be great at stomping on grapes to make wine. Jarrod? Jarrod get ya grapes darl.

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You know what they say about magicians with big feet? Huge wands.

At one point Apollo was trying to teach Sophie how to juggle which ended in him putting his arms through her dress and just pretending to juggle FOR her. It was truly magical.

After a romantic slow dance the pair had a pretty deep chat about life, sickness, family and love, then he got a rose and a pash. It was nice but it was also clear Sophie was cautious about the age difference, Apollo being 24. She quizzed him over whether he was ready to settle down and you could tell she wasn't certain about it whatsoever.

In the lead-up to the group date Jarrod said he'd treat it "like Donkey Kong," which probably meant he planned to throw a series of barrels regardless of what the date was.

All the boys showed up at a polo club as one of them chanted "Boys! Boys! Boys!" Osher revealed to the group that Sophie had some misgivings about the ages and maturity of the boys. "Who, us? Da boys?!" They all thought.

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"Sophie we are very mature, like how none of us giggle whenever Jarrod talks about his 'grapes!'!"

As the boys arrived Sophie found out that she'd be meeting four new men, all older than the current swathe of bachelors. As the helicopter full of intruders arrived Jarrod was primed and ready to throw a barrel at them.

First out of the chopper was Guy, an optometrist who gave Sophie a pair of sunglasses. As he met the other guys he didn't make eye contact with Uncle Sam. "He's either nervous or an arsehole," Sam decided.

Next up was AJ, who is a chef and he handed Sophie a "specialised menu". Not even a handful of snacks or anything? Slack as, AJ. The boys gave him the seal of approval because he wasn't an optometrist.

Then there was Paul who described himself as "having too much hair for his head," and then it was revealed that he has five kids. "That's a big schoolies week," Ryan said. Then they found out that he has grandkids.

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AJ seems like he'd make a grand father. No really, he's a grandfather.

"Maybe you are going tomorrow," Jarrod chimed in.

Finally there was the man we've all been waiting for, Stu Laundy. Sophie admits she thinks she's met him before, which strikes nerves in the other boys. Considering Matty J struck up controversy after admitting he had known his final bachelorette before the show, maybe the boys should be worried.

Stu is a third generation publican, not to be confused with pelican. A publican owns pubs whereas a pelican is characterised by a large throat pouch which it uses for catching prey and draining scooped up water. Again, we are fairly certain Stu is the former.

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One of these is a publican and the other is a pelican, we just have no scientific way of knowing which is which.

The new group of bachelors were split into two teams for a game of bicycle polo. Sidebar, kinda sad that Bingham (like the cup) an actual polo player got shown the door before the polo date.

As he's already shown, Jarrod flourishes in competitive environments like a Terminator flourishes after it is sent back in the past to eliminate Sarah Connor: with reckless abandon. At one stage he rammed into Blake's beautiful face, causing him to cut the inside of his beautiful mouth.

Probably the quote of the group date was Jarrod, reflecting on the other team proudly announcing, "I got to pommel them all".

Settle down, Jarrod.

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"Sorry you had to be the one to get your mouth pommeled by Jarrod."

There was an impromptu cocktail party on the polo grounds, with the bachelors freaking out about the fact that, due to four new men entering the situation four would also be leaving.

At the end of the day, the boys had something to worry about, with three of them going home.

So long Brett, Hayden, Intruder Paul and Harry who gave a riveting speech about how he fell in love with the other bachelors. It was lovely. Harry for next Bachelorette.