Watch: How To Make Chocolate French Toast

With three chocolate components, this is not for the faint-hearted.

If chocolate ganache-stuffed brioche French toast topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips and more ganache sounds like a heavenly mouthful, prepare yourself for a chocolate coma.

With three different chocolate elements, this rich French toast recipe is not for the faint-hearted.

To create this death-by-chocolate breakfast, start by making the easy chocolate ganache (which you'll use to stuff the brioche and drizzle on top of the finished dish). Then it's time to make the chocolate milk mixture to place the brioche into before frying.

To stuff the slices of brioche with ganache, simply cut a wide slit into the bottom of each slice to create a pocket. Fill the pockets with chocolate ganache, then place the slices into the chocolate milk mixture to soak up all the good stuff.

All that's left to do is cook the French toast in a frying pan with butter and serve with whipped cream (or ice cream), chocolate chips and an extra drizzle of ganache. Yep, whoa.

Check out the video above and follow the full recipe here.