07/10/2017 8:35 AM AEDT | Updated 07/10/2017 10:46 AM AEDT

Even One Nation Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Adani's Carmichael Megamine

The only people who support it? Suburban conservative elites.

This Saturday, Australians will turn out in 45 well-known locations across the country from Bondi to Bells Beach and just about everywhere else. And they'll do it for one reason: to express their opposition to Adani's proposed Carmichael mine.

The national day of action has been organised by the Stop Adani Movement, in conjunction with grassroots climate action movement Stop Adani organised some polling around the mine, the ethics of which were called into serious question by Four Corners earlier this week, as they have been many times before.

And it seems that Australians -- who generally have bullshit detectors second to none -- are onto the fact that this mine does not make economic or environmental sense.

The results of the ReachTEL poll are super revealing. Look below and you'll see that virtually all Australians, no matter what their political stripes, oppose the Carmichael mine, construction of which could start within weeks.

Even among One Nation voters, more people are opposed or strongly opposed than support the mine. Opposition is also high among National Party voters, who mostly live in rural electorates and would tend to favour agriculture over mining.

There is also extremely strong and widespread opposition to the $1 billion Federal government loan which has been offered to Adani to build the rail line to the Abbot Point coal terminal, about two hours from the mine.

Two thirds of Australians want the Queensland government to use its power to veto the loan.

Prominent businessman and Australian Conservation Foundation President, Mr Geoff Cousins AO, will speak at the Bondi protest event.

"Adani's new dirty coal mine will damage everything it touches," he said ahead of the day of protest.

"It will pollute where they dig up. It will pollute when they burn the coal. And it'll make the world a more dangerous place by fuelling global warming.

"It is astounding that our elected representatives are bending over backwards to give Adani preferential treatment to help it build a massive dirty coal mine that will threaten our Great Barrier Reef. And it is crazy the Turnbull Government is now considering a billion dollar handout to help Adani build it. The Turnbull Government must stop the loan and not let this mine go ahead."

One thing politicians love better than royalties from huge resources projects is votes. If this new polling is any guide -- not to mention Saturday's widespread protests -- they might just have to start listening.