09/10/2017 6:29 AM AEDT | Updated 09/10/2017 2:16 PM AEDT

Food Network Video Leaves People Dazed And Confused

Step 1: Take some "gluggies" or "dobbies" of peanut butter.

The Food Network / Facebook
Food blogger Bev Cooks offers her take on peanut butter sandwiches in a Food Network video.

You know what makes a visionary? Giving people something didn't even know they wanted yet.

A Food Network video is blowing up, which features food blogger Bev Cooks pitching a peanut butter sandwich hack for those of us, who lie awake worrying about tearing bread while spreading PB.

Just watch and be amazed:

Her perky attitude and the delightfully awkward video has divided a nation.

Is it a joke? A subtle critique on consumerism?

The Food Network / Facebook

Some people were questioning whether they've been ignorant to a growing problem.

Wondering just how much time is actually saved.

Humble-bragging about their own finesse with a knife.

Laughing because they've mastered what klutzes like us haven't.

Or offering "hacks" of their own.

Whether people are jotting down notes on also becoming a "sandwich master" or wondering if it's real, the video has already garnered 8.6 million views.

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