09/10/2017 12:15 PM AEDT | Updated 09/10/2017 12:16 PM AEDT

Mick Fanning Surfs Munich, Washes It Down With Beer In Aussiest Day Ever

All he needs is a meat pie.

Cory Wilson, Red Bull content pool.
We're big fannings of Mick.

Mick Fanning would have felt right at home in Munich last week with Oktoberfest in full swing.

He's Aussie after all, which means it's almost certain he likes beer. In fact, we can be assured Fanning enjoys a frosty one, because he opened a brewery on the Gold Coast last year. And our spies reliably tell us that he did indeed imbibe a stein or two at Oktoberfest.

With his beer goggles on, Mick clearly felt homesick. So he did the Aussiest thing possible, which was to go surfing.

Munich, of course, is not renowned for its surf. It's located in the south of Germany near the Alps and is about 800 km from Germany's North Sea coast (where, surprisingly, you can surf a bit). Not to worry. It has a river. That'll do.

Munich's Eisbach River actually is a man-made river with a man-made wave near a bridge by the Haus der Kunst contemporary art museum. The standing wave is one metre high and surfers have used it on and off since 1972.

It's bloody cold, but pfffft. Mick surfed under the northern lights in Norway last year, so he was always going to be able to handle this. And he did, as we're sure you'll agree after watching the video above.

Cory Wilson, Red Bull content pool.
Mick savours another frothy one.

"It's good fun. The boards are smaller than sea surfing with two side fins and a guitar pick in the back," Fanning said. "The weight transition is different. You are fighting the wave."

The beer, on the other hand, was no fight. Mick was always going to win that one.

As for Mick in lederhosen, um, we'll let you decide.

Cory Wilson, Red Bull content pool.