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27 Genius Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Talk About For Years To Come

Let’s party, people! 🎉

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, we know. There’s a million little decisions to make, a budget to consider and the pressure of taking a huge step in your relationship. 

One way to relax (at least a little bit!) is to put things in perspective and remember that a wedding is really just a party. And parties are fun! That’s why we’ve compiled 27 brilliant ideas that will ensure you and your guests have a blast, no matter what. 

  • 1 A spy decoder save-the-date
    Paper Truly
    Invitees can use the special glasses to view your top-secret wedding details.
  • 2 Or a flow chart save-the-date
    Smitten Paper Co/Etsy
    Inject a little humor into your stationery selection.
  • 3 A popcorn box that doubles as a wedding program
    Laura Dee Photography
    Guests can munch while they wait for your walk down the aisle. 
  • 4 Mini tissue boxes for your cry baby friends
    Something Turquoise
    After hearing your vows, they'll need 'em!
  • 5 A playhouse for your little wedding guests
    Arrowood Photography | Bella Dolce Events
    You've got to keep the kiddos occupied somehow.
  • 6 A funny sign to display at the reception
    The Style Co.
    Sorry, no boring wedding crashers allowed.
  • 7 A giant KerPlunk game
    Kate Jackson
    This oversized version of the childhood classic is a fun way to get guests to mingle during the cocktail hour. 
  • 8 A make-your-own bloody mary bar = #BrunchGoals
    We'll have ours extra spicy, please!
  • 9 Or better yet: A French fry bar
    Brooke Courtney
    Season them to your heart's desire. And the more dipping sauce options, the better.
  • 10 A photo booth with life-size cut-outs of you and your boo
    The Bird and The Bear
    The posing possibilities are endless.
  • 11 And don't forget cut-outs of your guests' faces to use as props
    4 Eyes Photography
    Let them get in on the fun, too. 
  • 12 Or a video booth instead, if you want something a little more animated
    Brooke Courtney
    Guests can share a story, give relationship advice or just goof off -- anything goes!
  • 13 A shoe valet for tired feet
    Sarah and Ben Photography
    Invite guests to kick off their heels so they can *really* bust a move.
  • 14 A flip cup table
    Scott Stater Photography
    Relive your college glory days with some drinking game fun. 
  • 15 Not really a beer person? Then maybe a whiskey tasting is more to your liking
    Elizabeth Burgi Photography
    Bottom's up, y'all!
  • 16 Table numbers with corresponding pictures of you two at that age
    Something Turquoise
    A great way to share all those cute (and occasionally embarrassing) #TBT photos. 
  • 17 A photographic guest book
    Krista Comeau | Mule Mother Books
    Put out an instant camera, like the Fujifilm Instax, and let guests leave a pic along with their well wishes.  
  • 18 Advice cards for family and friends to fill out
    Gia Pham at Cory Ryan Photography
    You'll have a blast reading all the responses after the wedding is over.
  • 19 A bathroom sign that will make guests feel like a million bucks
    While also reminding them to get their butts back on the dance floor.
  • 20 A wedding cake piñata > a regular wedding cake
    Luke and Mallory
    Instead of cutting a cake, break open one of these bad boys. Be sure to put lots of fun goodies inside.
  • 21 A caricature station creates some quirky little keepsakes
    Leah Valentine Photography
    An unconventional wedding favor your guests won't want to toss in the trash.
  • 22 Or take things up a notch with a (real or temporary!) tattoo station
    ALLEBACH PHOTOGRAPHY | The Wedding Tattooer
    Are you feeling ink-spired yet?
  • 23 A pizza buffet is a crowd-pleaser
    Chowen Photography
    No one will miss the salmon filets when you're serving up all this cheesy goodness. 
  • 24 Or mini pizza wedding favors
    Warning: Hungry guests may hoard these late-night bites.
  • 25 A silent disco gets around pesky noise ordinances
    Hannah Larkin Photography
    Keep the dance party going without worrying about neighbors calling the cops.
  • 26 Karaoke to close out the night
    Wild About You Photography
    Nothing brings people together quite like a drunk sing-along.
  • 27 And finally, a glowstick sendoff
    Lauren Wright Photo
    A colorful spin on the beloved sparkler sendoff -- without the fire hazard. 
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