8 Easy Desserts You Can Make In Minutes

No oven required.

If you have your dinner and go about your nightly business without the need for a sweet treat, well good on you. But for the rest of us who look forward to dessert after dinner every single night, you need these recipes in your life.

There are options here for everyone -- healthy, gluten free, vegan -- but the recurring theme is 'no-bake and quick' because ain't nobody got time for baking and faffing about when Netflix is waiting.

From peanut butter brownie bars and banana split smoothie, to easy fudge and chocolate s'mores mug cake, here are eight easy, delicious desserts for all us lazy people.

1. Easy salted oat fudge

Made with nut butter, chocolate chips, maple syrup and oats, these delicious chocolate squares taste like a cross between fudge and no-bake cookies. For extra flavour and texture play around with add-ins like shredded coconut, seeds and dried fruit. Here's the recipe.

2. Two-layer no-bake peanut butter brownie bars

If you're equally obsessed with peanut butter and brownies, try these no-bake dessert bars with a brownie crust and a peanut butter top. Made with wholesome ingredients like dates, peanuts and almonds, this treat is considered more healthy than your regular brownie. Try the recipe here.

3. Five-minute chocolate fudge s'mores mug cake

If you find mug cakes a bit plain, give this recipe a go -- imagine a biscuit base, rich chocolate fudge cake filling and a golden marshmallow topping. And you can make it in under five minutes. Sold. Get the recipe here.

4. Three-ingredient no-churn chocolate ice cream

Keen for ice cream? This healthy version uses frozen bananas, almond butter and cacao powder to create a smooth, creamy and sweet ice cream -- without dairy or refined sugar. Here's the recipe.

5. Tahini-stuffed dates

For another healthier sweet treat, try these tahini-stuffed medjool dates coated in dark chocolate, coconut flakes and sesame seeds. Prep a batch to keep in the fridge and enjoy all week long. Try the recipe here.

6. Chocolate chip cookie dough

If you're the sort of person who eats most of the cookie dough before it heads into the oven (guilty), satisfy your sweet tooth with no-bake cookie dough made with oats, cashew butter, protein powder and chocolate chips. Get the recipe here.

7. Chocolate-drizzled fruit skewers

For an even healthier dessert, these easy skewers are loaded with fruit and drizzled with melted chocolate. They're quick to make and are the ultimate fun treat for kids, too. Try the recipe here.

8. Banana split smoothie

Fusing a banana split with a smoothie, this rich chocolatey shake is made from frozen bananas blended with cacao powder, dates, almond milk and almond butter. You need just nine ingredients, one blender and 10 minutes. Here's the recipe.