16/10/2017 2:22 PM AEDT | Updated 16/10/2017 2:56 PM AEDT

'Crucify No Voters' Graffitied Across Melbourne Church

Families were confronted by the violent message when arriving for the Sunday service.

A Melbourne church has been vandalised with the words "Crucify 'no' voters" and "vote yes" in the latest outbreak of vandalism and violence accompanying the same sex marriage postal survey.

Churchgoers arriving at Waverley Baptist Church in Wheelers Hill for the family service on Sunday morning were shocked to find the call to violence scrawled across the side of the church building, the Herald Sun reports.

"We all woke up to see the awful vandalisation of our church. It's disappointing to see these things and it was a shock to all of us," the church's senior pastor David O'Brien told the Herald Sun.

Reverend O'Brien said that although the church's leaders had made it clear they supported the 'no' vote, some members of the congregation worked for the 'yes' campaign and the church was accepting of everybody.

"While there has been heated discussions in the community, we have never received threats before," he said.

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Churchgoers at Waverley Baptist Church were shocked by the violent message graffitied overnight on Saturday.

"We will not yield to hate.

"We will continue to love all, gay or straight, or whatever, and will continue to care for people no matter what and to teach the principles of good and moral behaviour that benefit all."

The Turnbull Government's same-sex marriage postal survey, which is now in its sixth week, has seen ugly campaigning and violence from supporters of both sides.

Swastikas and homophobic phrases such as "vote 'no' to fags" and "faggots not welcome" have been scrawled on trains, while a number of homes flying the rainbow flag have been attacked.

Brisbane woman Olivia Hill had large rocks thrown through the window of her South Brisbane home last month while a man yelled homophobic slurs such as "you faggots, you poofters", Fairfax Media reports.

Tasmanian police laid charges over the alleged assault of a transgender teenager in Hobart last month.

Even a a small dog has become a target, with a man reportedly kicking an "equality" bandana-wearing pup while shouting homophobic slurs in a Melbourne Park.

With more than three weeks to go before the final cut-off for voting in the postal survey, there will likely be more unsavoury behaviour to come.