16/10/2017 11:16 AM AEDT

Family's Heartwarming Discovery Of Dog They Thought Had Died In Fire

The house almost completely burned down, but Izzy the Bernese Mountain Dog managed to survive.

Beckyjean Widen, Facebook
Izzy the Bernese Mountain Dog was thought to have died in the California fires.

When Beckyjean Widen's parents woke up with "flames surrounding their house", all they could do was drive as quickly as possible out of danger.

According to a Facebook post written by Widen, her parents struggled to get their panicked Bernese Mountain Dog Izzy before having to escape.

"In the chaos of trying to escape, my parent's dog Izzy ran from them. My mom couldn't chase after her without risking her own life".

The family feared that Izzy had died in the devastating California fires, which have already claimed upwards of 40 lives after becoming the deadliest fire in the state's history.

Widen's brother Jack Weaver, and husband Patrick Widen, decided to evade police and hike "just under 3 miles" to the property to assess the damage, and to try and find the family dog.

They found that the house had been almost completely destroyed.

But after calling out Izzy's name a couple of times, she came running out from the rubble -- and the two men instantly broke down.