16/10/2017 12:09 PM AEDT | Updated 16/10/2017 12:09 PM AEDT

Goalkeeper Dies After Horrific Collision With Teammate

Choirul Huda had played more than 500 games for his club.

Choirul Huda, 38-year-old goalkeeper top-tier Indonesian football side Persela, has died after colliding with a teammate.

Huda, who had played more than 500 games for the side, ran out to meet the ball when a player's legs struck his face and upper body. The keeper struggled to sit up, and then held his mouth and collapsed back onto the ground.

Huda was quickly rushed to hospital, but doctors announced him dead after he arrived.

The club released on its website from Dr Yudistiro Andri Nugroho, which said that Huda had both endured "impacts on the chest and lower jaw", as well as the "possibility of head trauma and neck trauma".

On Instagram, the club published a post that thanked fans "for the endless dedication and inspiration for Persela, Lamongan and Indonesian soccer".

Huda had been playing for Persela since 1999 -- the only club he ever played for in professional Indonesian football.

The match was completed despite the incident, and Persela ultimately beat opponents Semen Padang 2-0.

The club described Huda as the "real legend of Persela" on Twitter.