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Is This Advertising Campaign With Naked Men Sexist?

It shows fully-clothed women posing alongside butt naked men.

A global suit company for women has stirred controversy with its new advertisements showing fully-clothed women alongside completely naked men.

The Dutch company Suistudio, which launched in August, has included the naked men in a number of different poses -- often with women looming over them.

One pose shows a women in one of Suistudio's designer suits sitting on a couch, with her feet resting on a naked male model's body.

In the Buff. It's time to go nude. #SUISTUDIO #NOTDRESSINGMEN #womeninbusiness #officewear

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Another shows a fully-clothed woman posing with her hand on a male model's behind.

So are the advertisements objectifying men?

Vice president of Suistudio Kristina Barricelli doesn't think so.

"The problem is in recent history, we haven't seen men objectified in the background. How strange! If you're in the beverage business, you objectify thirst," she told Hindustan Times.

"The moment you take an image and photograph it, it becomes an object. We like naked men and I'm pretty sure there are lots of women that like them too."

However, there has been some negative reaction online too.

Suitstudio's CEO Fokke de Jong wrote in a statement that this wasn't just a simple role reversal exercise.

"Labelling [the Suistudio woman] as flipping a gender puts too much emphasis on flawed impositions that have been put on the sexes for far too long. She is powerful, confident, and proud of herself."

"She also has a naked man in her apartment".

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